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Quantum Roller Blinds

System Features

Turnils_Quantum System Features.jpg

Why choose Quantum Roller blinds? 

With a focus on innovation, design, functionality and style, the Quantum® Roller Blind system delivers smooth and reliable operation perfect for all interior applications.

Sleek Finish

All Quantum® componentry is designed to provide a high-quality sleek finish for all blinds.

Robust Reliability

Specifically engineered aluminium tubes provide core strength offering minimal deflection and large expanses.

Child Safe Solutions

Innovative chain-free operating systems, such as Light Lift or Motorised, offer the ultimate child safe solutions.

Smooth & Quiet

All operating options are designed for effortless and super-quiet movement.

Versatile Design

Create a customised system to suit your light control and privacy needs in a style that fits your space.

Automation Compatability

Partners with Merger® motorisation solutions for app control through the NeoSmart hub for affordable home automation.

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