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Sunboss Roller Blinds
Operating Options

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Select from Chain, Light Lift or Motorised - each providing an increased level of ease and boasting superior functionality and contemporary style.


Standard or Metal options available.

Zero Gravity

Raise and lower by gently moving the bottom rail.
Great choice for child & pet safety.


Effortless remote control automation. Great choice for child & pet safety.

Chain Operation

Sunboss® chain operating options are designed with an unobtrusive curvature across all drives for a sleek aesthetic. Chains are available in plastic or metal in a variety of loop lengths. 

Chain Operation

Zero Gravity Operation

Light Lift Operation

Child Safety

Zero Gravity is a completely chain free roller blind system providing ultimate child and pet safety.



The ZeroGravity system uses the Sunboss 37mm
43mm and 50mm tube and standard componentry for a cohesive look across all options. ZeroGravity can be used for both standard and reverse roll applications.

Optional Handle

Optional operating handle is available in black, white
and anodised colour options (this is only available with the Ellipse Rail and not Flat Deluxe), providing a centered lifting point further reducing fabric tracking and additional grip for reveal fit blinds.

Clean Interior Aesthetic

The chain free system provides a clean and tidy interior look with no fixing of chain tensioners required.

Reduced Light Gaps

The elimination of a chain drive allows the Sunboss
ZeroGravity system to have extremely small light gaps of approximately 10mm. The light gaps are evenly balanced for minimal light intrusion in the reveal.

Simple & Easy Operation

The patented spring system features smooth granular
control for precise operation. The roller blind can be raised or lowered to any desired position using the bottom rail, without the need for complex release mechanisms.


Sunboss® Roller blinds have the following Motorisation options available:



Powerful yet quiet motors for home automation

Operating since 2008, Motolux is a trusted manufacturer of the motors used in many automated window coverings. Motolux motors have a versatile and adaptable design, which means they can be seamlessly incorporated into a vast range of curtains, shades and blinds at a lower cost than other options. They are also quiet, seamless in operation, and backed by a five-year warranty* – for ultimate peace of mind. 

Why recommend Motolux?

  • Great value, low-cost option for reliable home automation.

  • Supports both AC and DC motors.

  • Range of torque strength, from 1NM to 50NM, depending on requirements.

  • Range of handheld and wall mounted remote options including single channel, multi-channel and timer remotes.

  • Support for voice control, thanks to integration with a range of Smart Home solutions, including Amazon® Alexa®, Hey Google®, Apple® HomeKit®, Control4™ and more.

  • Can be delivered in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and adapted to suit various window coverings.

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