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Sunboss Roller Blinds
Heavy Duty

Turnils_Quantum Heavy Duty.jpg

Made with a larger 65mm aluminium tube, Sunboss® Heavy Duty is available in Chain or Motorised operation.

Sunboss Heavy Duty Chain

The innovative NEW Quantum Heavy Duty Chain System caters for ultra wide widths and long drop windows without the need for motorisation. 

Easy Control

Designed for smooth operation at any size, larger blinds include a counterbalance spring assist for lighter lifting. Featuring a rotatable clutch design for multidirectional control, for quiet & smooth operation.

Small Light Gaps

Featuring an innovative chain brake concealed inside the roller tube reducing light gaps to 17mm on the control side and 14mm on the idle end.


Core Strength

New 65mm tube which has been engineered to reduce deflection over large expanses.


Colour Coordination

Compatible with the sleek Ellipse bottom rail, heavy duty chain operation is available in Black and White hardware options.

Chain Operation

Sunboss Heavy Duty Motorised

Motorised allows for widths up to 3.8m and drops of up to 5.5m with minimal deflection.

Sunboss® Heavy Duty can be paired with:

  • 100mm Headbox & fascia

  • Linked

  • Cable Guide


Enhance the performance of Sunboss® Heavy Duty Blinds, with the addition of the Heavy Duty Cable Guide System.

Designer Appearance

Cable features designer aesthetics with a brushed aluminium appearance made from durable Zamac (zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper-alloy).


Minimise Light Gaps

Bottom Rail End caps have been specially designed with a slit on the top side to allow fabric to extend further to the edge in order to reduce the light gaps.


Designed for Durability

Stainless steel cables are clear coated for increased durability. Spring Loaded Cable Tensioner provides up to 25mm spring applied tension ensuring cable will remain firm and taut when pressure is applied.


Heavy Duty Bottom Rail

Available in black, white and anodised.

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