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Quantum Roller Blinds

Design Options

Turnils_Quantum Design Options.jpg

Turnils Quantum Roller Blinds have a variety of design options to suit just about any application within the home. 

From standard roller blinds to linked and duel roller blinds offering greater comfort and flexibility to headbox and dual fascia options. 


Standard roller blinds are available in all operating options. Customise with your choice of control side, face or reveal fit, and either standard or reverse roll depending on your fabric selection and light control needs.


Link up to 3 blinds to cover wide expanses or multiple windows with singular control. Corners and bay windows are covered with special 45o and 90o linked mechanisms. An independent linking option is also available allowing for eachblind to still be operated separately.

Dual Roller Blinds

Offering the most versatile light control, dual rollers allow you to select two different fabrics for installation on a compact bracket in face or reveal fit. Choose from a standard bracket for light minimisation or reverse bracket to achieve a self-pelmet effect. Dual rollers are available in chain, light lift or motorised operating options.


Featuring a slimline and contemporary design, the system is available in an 89mm or 100mm headbox for longer window drops. The headbox and fascia conceals the roll and brackets and can be easily installed in reveal or face positions, partnering with side channels for a complete blockout solution. The fascia option is available in four colours: Anodised, Black, White and Magnolia with colour coordinated endcaps, complementing a wide variety of fabrics.

Dual Fascia

Available in White, Black or Annodised the dual fascia is the perfect addition to neatly cover dual roller blinds in either face or reveal fit. Featuring a front fascia panel with open top, the specially designed brackets clip into place for easy installation with complementing endcap colours completing the look.

Dual fascia is also compatible with dual side channels when motorised operation is selected.

Download a copy of the Dual Fascia Fact Sheet.

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