Folding Arm Awning Motorisation

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Add motorisation to your folding arm awning for ease of operation.  Operated by remote control, you can control up to four awnings using just the one remote control.

Turnils offers Merger motorisation, available on all Sirocco and Cabrera folding arm awnings.  Available with a 1, 4 or 8 channel remote control, the Turnils Merger motor is designed specifically for folding arm awnings.  Also available is a 4 channel timer remote, for easy, set-and-forget operation.


These competitively priced Merger motors make motorisation a highly affordable option, which means you can upgrade your Turnils awnings with Merger motorisation for a lot less than you might think.


For the ultimate in convenience and smart operation, add optional sun and wind sensors to your awnings.  These clever, solar-powered, wireless sensors can be programmed to automatically open your awnings when the sun reaches a certain level, or retract your awnings in wet or windy conditions.  A wireless motion sensor is also available. 

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