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Curtain Fabrics


Our fabric collection has been inspired by current interior trends and features a wide selection of plain, patterned and beautiful linen fabrics. You can select from sheer, uncoated, coated and lined fabrics to optimise privacy, light control and insulation.


Sheer curtains are transparent and light weight providing daytime privacy benefits to any interior setting. Our sheers give your home an elegant look while allowing natural light to flow through.



Uncoated curtains feature more tightly woven and softer fabrics offering elegance and privacy to your interior space. These fabrics require lining to be added underneath.


Coated curtains have a coating on the reverse of the fabric blocking out the harmful UV rays entering your home. Additional Lining fabric is not required for these curtains.


These are plain fabrics with heavy-duty coating applied to one side and provide room darkening, privacy and noise reduction benefits. Linings are usually layered with sheer or uncoated fabrics. Available in three options: light filtering, thermal or blockout lining.

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