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Arena Honeycomb Fabric Opacity

Turnils_Arena Fabric Opacity.jpg

In addition to a variety of colours and designs, Arena Honeycomb Shade fabrics are also offered in a selection of different light filtration options. 


The choice of different fabric opacities available enables you to select the fabrics that will best suit your requirements for light control, view-through, privacy and protection.

Arena Honeycomb Shade fabrics are offered in 3 different opacities:

  • Sheer

  • Translucent

  • Blockout

3 Fabric Opacities



Sheer fabrics provide the ultimate day lighting and view-through.  They gently filter light while still letting you enjoy the view through the windows.

Arena sheer fabrics are ideally suited to day/night applications, paired with a matching blockout fabric to create optimal light and privacy control.



Translucent fabrics soften harsh light while maintaining privacy and protecting your furnishings from UV fading.

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with daytime privacy and natural light illumination.


Double Cell

Blockout fabrics give you total control of your windows, by providing the ultimate in light and privacy control.

Arena blockout fabrics provide optimal darkening capabilities and complete privacy, day or night.

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