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Arena Honeycomb Control Systems

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Arena Honeycomb Shades offer a choice of six control systems:

  • Glideshift – sliding cordless system ideal for patio doors and wide expanses

  • Motorisation – a fully motorised control system

  • Cordless – for a clean uncluttered look

  • EasyRise – with an endless (continuous) cord loop operation

  • Classic Cord Lock – cords are neatly secured by cleats



Our newest system. Glideshift has been specially designed for patio doors and wide expanses.

Glideshift partners with all of our stylilsh 20mm Single Cell Fabrics with a variety of design options available. 

Operation is via a pull handle which enables Glideshift to move the shades open and closed

AMP Motorisation

A fully motorised control system that offers the ultimate in child safety, convenience and ease of operation. With no complicated wiring necessary, motorisation is easy to install, operate and maintain. This clever wireless technology allows the shades to be operated with the single touch of a button.

AMP motorisation is designed to deliver next level innovation with a smart, seamless user interface offering convenient operation of your honeycomb shadings via a 15 channel remote control, wall switch or APP using USB Bridge at the press of a button. Voice control integration is also available with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple shortcuts and IFTTT.


The Cordless System has no visible cords, providing a clean, uncluttered look and the ideal child safety solution.

To raise and lower an Arena Cordless blind, simply use the handle on the bottom rail to move the blind to the desired position and the blind automatically stays in place.


The EasyRise system has an endless (or continuous) cord system with a geared clutch for a light, smooth operation for even the largest blinds.  The cord loop is secured with a cord tensioner, providing enhanced child and pet safety.

Classic Cord Lock

The Classic Cord Lock operation allows the shade to be raised and lowered with ease through a smooth operation, with the cords being neatly secured with cord cleats.

The Classic Cord Lock system for Arena Honeycomb Shades features sleek, slimline hardware for an unobtrusive appearance when the shade is fully raised.

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