Alpha Awning Motorisation

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Alpha Awning Motorisation incorporates the best of technology & design. Choose from a selection of solar, battery or hard wired options to control your awning with a touch of a button.

Merger® Solar Motor

A solar powered option with simple and easy installation saving you money and reducing energy costs.


An affordable motorisation option with a variety of control devices including: switch, remote or automation.

Neo Smart

Centralise & simplify your home with Neo Smart.
A clever, easy one touch app control option, compatible with Merger® motorisation.

Merger® Solar Motor

Completely solar powered with no electrical hardwiring required for motor operation, eliminating the need for a certified electrician. Simple & easy to install saving you money & reducing energy costs.


Battery Heat Protection

Engineered with a heat shield enclosure to protect the in-built battery from extreme exposure to the sun ensuring its durability for years to come.


Fabric Tensioning Back-Off

Includes an advanced ‘fabric tensioning’ feature which allows for lock-down bolts or straps to be applied and the awning to be operated without causing damage to the awning.


Flexible Mounting Options

Facilitates multiple mounting positions such as:

  • Front of head-box

  • Home fascia or gutter

  • Remote mounting


For awnings positioned out of direct sunlight, a 3 metre power extension cable is included. Optional 5 & 10 metre power extension cables are available separately.


Home Automation Connection

Features a dry contact port that supports home automation operation and includes a dry contact cable for simple wiring into an automation system.


Serviceable Solar Battery

Featuring the latest single cell battery technology, allowing a long lasting solar battery that can be easily self-serviced without the need to remove the motor or dismantle the external awning.


Adjustable Panel

To capture direct sunlight for maximum solar energy collection and performance, the panel can be easily angled at either 40, 20 or 0 degrees.



Merger® offers the smart & affordable motorisation solution, available in two motor options which can be controlled by a variety of devices including: switch, remote or automation.


Merger® Motors are fitted with a weather and dust resistant IP68 external in-line connector to ensure a high level of protection against water and foreign particles.


Featuring automatic tensioning that permits the awning to be locked into position, Alpha Awnings featuring Merger® motors can use hold down straps or locking bolts, with the motor able to be retracted to tension the fabric. This tension minimises fabric “blow outs” traditionally caused by unexpected high winds.

MR50 Awning Motor

A 240 volt AC REMOTE CONTROL motor used for single or linked Awnings. Operated by a Universal 1, 4 or 8 channel remote control with the option of a Timer Remote Control. Control both internal and external shading products from a single remote control. Compatible with Neo Smart.


MS50 Awning Motor

A 240 volt AC SWITCH MOTOR used for single or linked awnings. The motor is designed to be controlled from a 240V switch or from automation systems with 240 volt blind control modules.


Wireless Solar Powered Wind & Sun Sensor Option

Operates the awning based on light level, by either raising or lowering the awning depending on the amount of sunlight. The wind sensor retracts an awning in overly windy conditions to avoid any unnecessary strain to the awning.


Neo Smart

Centralise & simplify your home with Neo Smart: the clever, convenient and compatible solution.


Neo Smart partners with all remote control Merger® motors. The Neo Smart Wi-Fi-device supports up to 8 blinds per room, with a maximum of 30 rooms (totalling 240 motors)


Clever & Convenient

  • Create up to 25 custom schedules & scenes with easy onetouch app control.

  • Operate from your smart phone from any location in the world.

  • Partners with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri & Control4 for an integrated home automation solution.

  • Wi-Fi enabled.


  • Controls all Merger® remote motors including internal roller blinds & external awnings.

  • One Neo Smart device supports 8 blinds per room, with a maximum of 30 rooms totalling 240 motors.


3 Simple Steps:

  1. Plug in the Neo Smart device.

  2. Download app ‘Neo Smart Blinds’ & create an account.

  3. Pair the device then connect & operate the entire Remote Merger® Motor range from any location.


Full setup details available with device.