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Alpha Awning Pivot Arm

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This awning projects the fabric off the window, with the arms & fabric forming an arc that allows air to flow behind the awning.

This system is a heavy duty contemporary design ideal for larger windows that can be opened whilst the awning is projected. This heavy duty Pivot Arm provides excellent fabric tension, even with awning widths up to 5 Metres.

Front Rail

Designed to have the same curve as the Straight Drop bottom rail allowing flexibility to mix & match the awnings throughout your home maintaining a design consistency.


Sliding Arm

An optional sliding arm set facilitates changing the pivot point of the Awning by simply moving the arms up or down the sliding rails. This allows the awning to operate like a normal Pivot Arm in the down position, and in the raised position it allows head clearance over doorways providing a canopy effect.


Heavy Duty Pivot Arm

Provides excellent fabric tension, even with awning widths up to 5 metres. The arms are a modern anodised finish complementing our standard Silver Pearl hardware.

Alpha Awnings proven to reduce cooling energy costs by up to 60%*. Alpha Awnings have been independently tested & proven to significantly reduce cooling energy costs by keeping a standard* home at a consistent & comfortable temperature throughout the summer months.



With an Alpha Awning on your home it will reflect heat, keep interiors cool and reduce energy costs by up to:


Perth: 48%

Melbourne: 13%

Sydney: 44%

Brisbane: 58%

Cairns: 47%


Adelaide: 35%

Canberra 35%

Coffs Harbour: 60%

Rockhampton: 48%

Darwin: 34%

Under European Standard ‘EN 13561 External blinds – Performance requirements including safety’, Alpha Awnings will meet wind ratings of up to Class 2 – wind speed of up to 29-38km/hr (equivalent to 5 on Beaufort scale) – depending on model no. and size.

NOTE: These results will only be achieved provided the awning is built and installed with Hunter Douglas components according to the Manufacturer’s specifications (as stated in the component book) and with a fabric according to the above standard. It is recommended that all awnings be retracted during wet or windy conditions. Refer to our manufacturer’s guide for full limitations, width, projection and wind rating information.


Min Width: 1.00m

Max Width: 5.00m

Max Width per unit: 5.0m (3.5m for internal cord winch)

Operating Options

Bottom Rail Accessories

Headbox Options

Optional Accessories