Aluminium Venetians

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Venetian Blinds

Versatile and ideal for creating a modern, uncluttered look in any environment, Aluminium Venetians offer solar protection, light control and privacy.

Aluminium Venetian slats are engineered and manufactured in Europe from 0.22 high grade aluminium to maximise the strength of the slat.  They are available in 25mm and 50mm widths in a range of contemporary colours and finishes.

Control systems are colour coordinated so that cords and ladder braids blend with the slats as well as head and bottom rail.


The Classic 50 system for the 50mm slat can cover a window as large as 10sqm with a single blind.  All components have been produced with high quality materials for a reliable blind for many years.

Installation of the systems is quick and easy for nearly every type of window.  In addition to the standard brackets, there are special brackets for more complicated installations ensuring a perfect fit and look for the life of the blind.

Aluminium Venetians are renowned for their high quality slat that is flexible, resistant to kinking and buckling, won’t chip or flake and an extensive painting process that protects against corrosion.

Disclaimer: Colours shown are as close as possible to actual slat colours.  Colour reproduction can vary when viewing on your screen and may not represent the true colour.  For accuracy always confirm your colour choice with a swatch sample.

Cool White 25mm 26.045.131
Brilliant White 25mm 26.045.104
Bright White 25mm 26.034.347
Jewel Quartz 25mm 26.032.906
Marble White 25mm 26.033.908
Fresh Alabaster 25mm 26.045.406
Warm Pure Silk 25mm 26.045.711
Pearl Pure Silk 25mm 26.045.762
Euro Rich Cream 25mm 26.045.734
Glazed Fawn 25mm 26.045.143
Paperbark 25mm 26.045.737
Chinchilla 25mm 26.045.256
Traditional Donkey 25mm 26.045.834
Pearl Bronze 25mm 26.045.714
Matte Black 25mm 26.045.837
Ebony 25mm 26.045.134
Black 25mm 26.045.407
Onyx 25mm 26.045.492
Shale 25mm 26.045.816
Smooth Grey Sheen 25mm 26.045.213
Sterling 25mm 26.045.287
Bright Silver 25mm 26.045.267
Silverado 25mm 26.021.903
Control Systems